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File Size: Windows 10 is an operating system as a service for consumers and businesses. According to Microsoft, Windows 10 is based on ‘software as a software’ model in which the operating system receives ongoing updates rather than issuing a full new version. Windows 10 introduces Universal Windows Platform, a platform on which developed apps can work in all Windows 10 devices.
windows 10 pro iso 64 bit free download

Download Windows 10 ISO 64-bit

Make sure you have Win 10 installation USB disc with you. Plug this flash drive into USB port of computer, then start or restart computer and follow these steps: Press boot menu key usually F9 for most computers and select USB drive from the list.

Press any key on your keyboard when prompted. Windows installation files will take a while to load and Windows 10 installer setup will start. Prepare your computer for Win 10 Pro Installation Now you are in installation setup.

Follow further steps to start and finish installation process. Choose language, time and currency format, keyboard or input method for your computer. Press Next button Press Install Now button to start installation at this stage. Wait a few seconds while setup begins. Windows license terms dialog box will appear. Check the box with label I accept the license terms and press Next button.

Choose the type of installation; upgrade to upgrade existing Windows or Custom advanced for a fresh clean installation. On next screen, select the drive you want to install Windows Usually, it is the same drive you already have installed operating system. Select drive and format or press Next button to auto format. A confirmation box will appear before formatting, select OK to format and continue.

Windows 10 Pro Setup files copying and installation Now setup will start copying Windows files, expanding files, features installation and install updates included in ISO file.

This process will take a while about minutes to finish and then your computer will restart automatically. Next, Windows will start for the first time after installation. Just wait again while Windows 10 setup updates registry files and start services. Setup will finalize the installation process and restarts your computer again. The actual setup of Windows 10 installation is complete here.

But you still have to configure things before you can actually start using Windows. Windows 10 Pro Basic Configuration after setup This time, after restart, setup will prepare your computer for first use, check video performance and a few other things. Next a dialog box will appear where you can enter user name and computer name. Next screen will ask you enter a password for login to Windows This is optional. You can skip password by leaving boxes blank and press Next button.

Next dialog box will ask you to enter Windows 10 Product Key. Well, this is also kind of optional step. You can enter key if you have or skip this step and press next to continue to install Windows 10 without product key. Now on next screen, choose an update option out of following 3 options: Use recommended settings to install all updates Install important updates only to install only security and critical updates Ask me later do not enable automatic updates Next, set your time and date settings.

Choose Time zone and setup will try to automatically set time and date according to your country standard time. If it does not, you can set time and date manually. In next screen, choose a network type. Home Network is usually appropriate for most users. Press next and Windows will try to connect to your chosen network. Almost done, Windows will prepare your desktop. This is also an automated step. Just wait a few seconds and your fresh Windows 10 desktop will appear in front of you.

All done. Just feel the delight and start using Windows 10 edition. How to install Windows 10 Pro on Virtual Machines?

Here is a brief guide for these type of applications. How to install Windows 10 on VirtualBox? First of all, download VirtualBox for Win 10 if you do not have it already. Download Windows 10 ISO image from download section above on top of this page Launch VirtualBox and start creating new virtual machine.

Now select Windows 10 ISO image and accept default settings. Start virtual machine you just created and continue with Windows 10 setup installer. Installation on VirtualBox is almost same to normal installation on real computer. Learn more about how to install Windows 10 in this guide. Windows 10 FAQs Here are some most asked questions which we have compiled for you. You will find answers of most common questions about Win Download link is provided on the same page you are looking at right now.

It depends on your needs and your laptop or pc capabilities. Win 10 version is the best edition with most complete features. You can do almost anything on it without feature restriction. From the fruit shop in your street joking. Just find and click on download link for Windows 10 pc on this page.

There are several upgrade options. Microsoft Windows support team will assist you best according to your exact demands. How to Get Official Support? Go to Microsoft Windows Official Website for support and more options. How to Download Windows 10?

Windows 10 Pro ISO Review

Now days, Computer is a daily need for us. We cannot think of without computers and internet. Windows operating system has a major role in our daily life in term of doing business as well. Go down and get free download Windows 10 Pro link with activation steps.

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Here’s how to download official Windows 10 Pro ISO file legally without 10 directly through ‘Windows Update’ as part of the free-of-charge Step 4: Once done, you will get two options, to download in either bit or bit. Get windows 10 pro iso image download without any cost. the main reasons why Windows 10 Pro Build is almost hassle-free. It is also important to check whether you have a bit processor or a bit processor. Get Untouched orignal ISO of Windows 10 Pro download. Here is the direct and free download Windows 10 Pro ISO Full Version for 64 bit and.

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